Wednesday, December 05, 2007

wildilocks =)

got some hair extensions put in today at some random emo/goth shop that stef ee recommended in the city called wildilocks next to boffins and joynt venture on hay? street =) the girl who served me was really friendly and she had wool braids in her hair that went down to her knees!!! =O

anyway the extensions that i got are red (made of real human hair-- the idea of if is kinda gross coz it's somebody's dead hair but it looks so cool!!!! i had to get that coz you can't use hot curlers or anything like that with the synthetic extensions) I got 4 put in at a cost of $32. I have two on the right side of my head, one near the bottom and one on the left side of my head, i'm so pleased!

i would put pics up but i can't be bothered. i still have to take pics first! but when i do i'll put some up.


Blogger vanessa said...

ooooh you make me want to get some now!

6:24 AM  

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