Sunday, August 13, 2006

a day in the port city

today i spent a day in fremantle with my tuition buddies lisa (chong), vanessa and theresa. we began our day at lisa's place which was our meeting spot for the beginning of our day out. I had miscalculated the time that we were going to reach our destination and I thought that we were going to be late to this performance we were going to see. We got there right on time yay! When we reached fremantle, we headed to 'la tropicana' which is a small funky cafe in freo. My long time mate Dean was playing jazz music with other people there. Dean plays bass and the other band members daniel, alex and andreas play the trombone, trumpet and drums. Theresa and vanessa think that andreas is a little hottie but he's only 14. He's really good at playing the drums and he looks like a miniature chad michael murray!! Vanessa has photos! For breakfast i had a cappucino and bacon and eggs on turkish bread. Yummy! The toast was a bit burnt but very crunchy just how i like it. The music was a little loud but really really great. I wasn't expecting too much but i was quite pleased with the quality of the music =) it was awesome. i wanna go again soon! After the performance, we went around freo taking in the sights and the boutiques. Unfortunately we didn't buy anything but we did see a crazy busker who was gonna juggle fire torch things on top of a ladder but then we left. Then we went to the markets and walked around then vanessa and i had icecream from cold rock yummy! I had choc mint icecream with freckles and jaffas and vanessa had white chocolate icecream with jaffas and twix. The guy who served us who's name is cameron was very nice and smiley. He gave us lots of icecream so i like him. After we had icecream, we watched theresa have lunch (we didn't have any because we had breakfast at the cafe). Also we went to timezone to take those photo things. I like the photo that i got that we took coz i look good in it hehehe. It's like the only photo i look good in so i'm gonna show it to everyone!!! Then it was time to go home =(

Again i didn't do any homework which is really bad but i had fun today so fuck it! i wanna do it again next week =D


Blogger vanessa said...

yeh it is a nice neo of u. but u know who looks better??


lol jks.

but he is sooooo good looking!!! why does he have to b 14? why why WHY?!?!?!?!

6:34 AM  
Blogger kahsean said...

awww 14!! how young!! lol just wait till he's in his 20s then it would be allright...LMAO

1:13 AM  
Blogger huoymin said...

he's gonna grow up to be a little hottie isnt he?

just be patient and wait til he's 18 =D

2:02 AM  
Anonymous Alvin said...

good to hear you caught up with lisa (finally!)
long time no talk eh? things have been busy over here, but will catch up soon.

5:39 AM  

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