Saturday, August 19, 2006

seven in a row!!!

yeah go freo!!!!!!!! the game was awesome! we beat st kilda by heaps (HAHA hannah! told you we would beat you =D), called frazer a wanker and saw the pav! wooooooo!!!!! this week seven, soon it will be nine and not only that-- we're third on the ladder! THIRD! that's the highest like ever!!!! THIRD!!! woooooooo!!! i love my boys., kookie, makka, johnno, pav, belly etc etc. yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh next week derby- freo for the win! then port adelaide-- FREO FOR THE WIN! it's finals fever baby. you know why? coz freo is going to the FINALS!!!! YAY!!!!


Blogger ...hannah.... said...

shattered....simply shattered....... we woulda won it with goosey playing....him out stuffed up our whole structure

7:17 AM  
Anonymous shirleyliew said...

well EAGLES are better! they are NUMBER ONE on the ladder! and none of your boys can beat chris judd! =pp
derby next wk!GO the EAGLES

2:56 AM  
Blogger shirley said...

oh shirleyliew! we all know everyone's jumped on the bandwagon with the eagles- just coz everyone reckons the eagles are so good blah blah blah people just say they go for the eagles. not cool!! DOCKERS forever! chris judd got none on the pav!!

6:11 AM  

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