Wednesday, September 10, 2008

yay early birthday presents plus the watch i will get if i become rich tomorrow

Hooray for early birthday presents and a boyfriend that likes to make me happy! For my 20th Dan bought me a black ipod nano. I've wanted one for a while now so I was happy when he gave it to me yesterday =) That way I can play around with it and put stuff on it. I have another mp3 somewhere but I stopped using it because the earphones were stuffed, that was about a year ago or so. Its been a long time coming! Good that I waited, woo free ipod haha.

Dan really likes watches and he's got me into looking at them too. Not the ones that are a couple hundred or even a few hundred but thousands of dollars watches. I don't know how to jusitfy spending that much money on a watch except that it will last you forever. The one that I want is the prettiest omega watch, its an omega aqua terra with diamonds and it is so delicious! Too bad its almost $5ooo.


Blogger Mai said...

happy birthday!! yay free ipod !! i got my boyfriend a tissot watch for his birthday last month and im getting a dkny one for mine weee!`

2:32 AM  

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