Saturday, November 01, 2008

mmm pizza: review, Little Caesar's Pizzeria, Mundaring

Last month we made the trek up to Mundaring for some yummy pizzas that we had heard about in Mundaring. Daniel's been there before but it was my first time at Little Caesar's Pizzeria. We went with a friend who was back in town for the week to sample some of the goodness up there. We were pretty starving by the time we got there, its quite a drive there, but the pizza was definitely worth the trip!

I had a CBGB, small size ($13), to myself as Dan and friend decided to share a family sized pizza between them. The unique thing about this place is their unusual combinations of flavours and textures. The CBGB has brazil nuts, chicken marinated in seeded mustard, butternut pumpkin (deliciously roasted!), onion, pizza sauce, capsicum and your standard mozzarella cheese. This was definitely one of the lesser "weird" combinations, next time I might try the chicken fettucine pizza which actually has pasta on top of the pizza- talk about a carbohydrate overload!

It looks quite big in this picture- and its worth the $13. Come hungry I say- you'll want to polish off every bite!

This photo does not do the beauty of this pizza justice. Can you not tell that I absolutely adore food?

Close up of the delicious roasted pumpkin. (I've bold and italic'd the delicious to emphasise how awesome it was)

The brazil nuts were wonderfully nutty and brought a different texture to the pizza you would not ordinarily expect. It was pure genius! Such a funny ingredient to add to a pizza but it made the difference between ordinary good and extraordinarily good. I would make the trip back to this place for this pizza alone.

Daniel and friend ordered the 'Gourmet BBQ' pizza- a clear winner for the meat loving boys that they are. They struggled to finish the family size pizza ($21) (they did it though), even though both of them are pretty big eaters. Both agreed that this was one of the best pizzas they have had. The Gourmet BBQ consists of roasted chicken, marinated lamb, pepper steak, smoked ham, smoky BBQ sauce, onions and mozzarella cheese. I didn't have any but it did look mighty tasty.

MASSIVE PIZZA. It could feed a small country. Haha just kidding. Two hungry boys finished it off and still had a tiny bit of room left over for dessert. (friend inset looks pretty damn happy/amazed)

You can just see the wisps of smoke coming up from the piping hot pizza..
After we had finished our yummy savoury pizzas, it was time for dessert. You can't go to Little Caesars without having a dessert pizza- why make the trek up there if you don't even try what they are famous for? We chose the Eskimo Joe ($10.50) to share between us. By this time we were all pretty much bursting at the seams so we didn't finish the pizza- we had half left over at the end. It was definitely a sweet ending to our dinner, and it was very yummy!

Malt choc chip cookie base, icing sugar, vanilla icecream and raspberry fruit sauce heaven!
Come closer dessert pizza, I think I could lick the computer screen right about now.
The only fault was that we waited for around 45 minutes for our dessert pizza, I think the girl who took my order screwed up the table numbers or something because there was a bit of confusion in the kitchen as to where the pizza was going and I could see that it had been left on top of the oven for around 20 minutes before I piped up and said something. There was no apology for the wait or confusion so that would be the only thing I could say was bad about the place. The place was run by teenage girls it seemed on the night we were there. Other than not getting an apology for waiting a good 3/4 of an hour for the dessert it was a nice night out. The place is small and does not take bookings so I suggest you get there relatively early. I will definitely go back again.


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Eskimo Joe looks yum! But I think I'll always order the cookies and cream one....mmmmmmmm......

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Haha trying to be the food pornogropher

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