Monday, November 17, 2008

ONE MORE WEEK!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe its actually happening!! I'm SO excited!!!

One more week and then we are jetsetting off to HONG KONG!!!! My mum's been threatening to book a flight out and hang out with me.. why can't she just let me be independent for once argh. I don't think she'll actually do it though (thank goodness).

I've decided not to skimp on food anymore.. I forgot that HK is the mecca for awesome dimsum wooooooo can't wait! I will be eating at the maccas there at some point though because I remember when I was a kid and I went over there the maccas was good haha. Although as a child you would probably think any form of mickey d's is good.

Also I was looking at some old holiday pictures and turns out I've already been to Ocean Park. At that stage they were only building the rollercoaster though- I've got photos of the construction of the rails and stuff. Will be exciting to go back and see how its changed. I got splashed by a killer whale last time which was fun, can't wait to see all the dolphins and sea lions!

Can't wait to shop, shop and SHOP! I just plain can't wait! But I'm a bit scared as well- you hear so many stories about people getting mugged and stuff. Hopefully if we all stick together we can keep each other safe.. Anyway, we should discuss what time we're all getting to the airport and such, whether we are meeting beforehand etc.

Ugh, now I just have to get this exam out of the way for tonight. I forgot about that. Too busy procrastinating and blogging. Oh yeah and I'm going to Mandurah tomorrow for a few days too. Yay! Wish the weather forecast was a little bit better though. Apparently its going to be raining from Thursday onwards to Monday. LAME!


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