Friday, January 02, 2009

weeee i'm leaving! (again)

yay for london and europe in 2 sleeps away! i'm a bit scared but i think its going to be a great time- i can't wait! it doesn't feel like we only just got back from hong kong a month ago at all- it seems almost a REALLY distant memory away which is quite sad. i wish we could be on holiday all the time! with unlimited stashes of spending money and 5-star hotels of course!

gotta tell you about what happened at the high road hotel tonight coz i'm a bit pissed off about it. i wasn't allowed in! the stupid fat bouncer lady checked my ID, student ID AND my bankcards, asked me my address, date of birth and postcode and STILL wouldn't let me in because apparently i have a very definite 'mole' on my drivers licence which isn't on my face!!!!!!! what the hell! i was so mad! what a waste of my time-- what other forms of ID does she NEED? my birth certificate and passport and my mum to come down and tell her that i;ve been the legal age for TWO YEARS? omg! it was crazy! not going back there anytime soon except maybe to complain about how i was treated appallingly by the door staff. hmpf.

anyway, that's me, back from my absence of blogging. woot first blog entry of the year!

hope y'all had a merry merry (belated) christmas and a happy new year and you didn't get as wasted as me, yak on your friends' staircase (oops) and were tucked up in your host's bed by 10pm! i can tell, its gonna be a great year!

love you all


Blogger kahsean said...

haha yeh what a waste of time. next time draw the mole, jk.

HAVE A DAM AWESOME time in europe! dam lucky to be there! take heaps of pictures too. plus u better get me a gift :P


9:24 AM  

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