Wednesday, May 31, 2006

wentworth miller

... no need for words

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

forbes billionaire list

the forbes billionaire list is the best form of entertainment. two words- anurag dikshit. he exists and he's a billionaire. that's right. his surname is dikshit. look at the pictures- they are so FUNNY!! you wouldve thought that billionaires could employ someone to teach them about dress sense... but i guess because they are so rich it doesn't matter what they wear.

information systems

i hate information systems!!!!!!!!!!! information systems is the worst subject ever invented!!! if you ever come to curtin university to do commerce or something- AVOID it. AVOID IT!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck that richard potger///// information systems is the suckiest subject EVER.

Monday, May 29, 2006

sean holmes' new ride

you meet lotsa new people when you're at uni. this guy sean is in my accounting group and he's been doing dirty deals on his phone all week getting his new car. what a sweet car it is. it's yellow= very hot. holden thunder, SS body kit and guess how much it set him back... try $39K. That's gotta be a REALLY nice car. i've seen pictures of it- it's super and apparently it goes fast too. i want one.

Sunday, May 28, 2006


you know what time it is? 8.33AM in the morning. 8.33AM in the morning and outside it's like 7 degrees. do you know where i am?? UNI. FUCKING UNI. you know what time i've been here since??? 7.40 AM. in the morning. at uni. at 7.40AM. standing in the lounge typing this post. do you know what time i had to wake up to get to uni at 7.40AM this morning? 6.30AM. and you know what time i went to sleep last night? 1AM. that's why uni sucks.

Saturday, May 27, 2006


how awesome was STOMP do i hear you ask? try fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was so GOOD!!!!!!!!!! i must admit the beginning dragged on a little but omg- it was so good!! better than what i expected! they used all ordinary household items to make the most awesome sounds!!! so super and awesome and so very very VERY cool!!! loved every second!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they used things like broomsticks , matchboxes, lighters, kitchen sinks, long stick things, pots and pans, water, cups, forks, soft drink cans, plastic bags, rubbish bins, basketballs, boxes, tubey pipes, ladders, buckets, newspapers AND MORE!!!!! IT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!! i apologise for the language but it was so awesome i can't put anything else besides fucking in front of the word awesome because nothing can top that. it was FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait til they come back because i'm gonna bloody go watch them again coz it was SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the guy in the cargo pants up on stage was pretty hot too. i had a dream about him-- then he turned into the swedish guy at my work and we were on an escalator.. that was a bit weird but getting back to the point - STOMP IS A FUCKING AWESOME SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you haven't seen it yet, you HAVE to go and see it- you will be amazed how they use their bodies and household items to make music. After the show i got so excited i bought a $20 set of drumsticks and banged on everything all the way to the carpark. You should've seen the people i went with- joanne and sean- they bought bottles of juice and were clicking the little pop things on the lids of the juice and were making sounds. i banged on a light pole and also my legs,,,, but when you hit your legs with drumsticks, just a heads up, it hurts. again, i must reiterate-- STOMP IS A FUCKING AWESOME SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you haven't seen if, i recommend you go and see it- it's awesome-------- goes for anybody. even if you don't like music, you'll like this because it so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna watch it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my favourite bit was when they all had the rubbish bins and the rubbish bin lids and were banging around everywhere- they are so talented!!!! go see it- it's fucking awesome!! want me to say it again?? it's fucking awesome. AWESOME-- FUCKING AWESOME. yep it's awesome. go see it. it's really good. no wait, it's FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

legal framework guy

the legal framework guy is so AWESOME

is it kinda bad to say that you're completely infatuated and utterly in love with someone you have never actually met but fantasised about meeting?? well maybe i'm not in love with him but i am infatuated by him. he's absolutely positively gorgeous- and this ranks him higher than the hot russian guy (but that's another story). Not that him being gorgeous is what makes me infatuated by him, it's not... the fact that he's SMART too---- as well as being the most bestest looking guy i have ever SEEN....... EVER!!!!!!!!!!! sometimes i can't believe people when they say he's not coz he is. i hope he's not gay.....

legal framework guy- if you read this, i think you know who u are, you are so so so so gorgeous and i wish that you were mine and i hope you don't fall in love with yuehlai

big love,

Thursday, May 25, 2006

virgin blogger

My FIRST BLOG EVER!!! yes, you heard it here first today people- i'm a virgin blogger. check out my blog- i chose the most exciting template ever- i mean, you can't get much better than that. it's so way out there and crazy no? anyway, be the first to comment my blog and u'll be special forever yes you will be. that's bloody good tetris- love that game! anyway, it's been great posting tonight. and if ur reading this, you make me feel special coz u are probably the first to read this site- if you comment then ur super cool.

big love,
no longer a virgin blogger shirley.

p.s. it's all thanks to huoymin!!