Saturday, October 28, 2006

late night munchies, midnight snack

OMFG. i just had the BEST half whopper ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was fucking good! i bought it for dinner but i didn't eat it and just now i was feeling a bit peckish so i cut it in half and ate half of it and omg it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO yummy. i feel so satisfied now. man that was good. don't you just love full fat food in the middle of the night?

Saturday, October 21, 2006

and with summer comes.....

so technically it's not summer yet... it's halfway through spring, but let me tell you i felt the heat today. seriously. the weather needs to make up it's mind. today was sunny, humid and hot-- and now it's dark and gloomy looking. tomorrow it's going to RAIN and tonight there might be a thunderstorm.

tell you what happened to me this morning at 5.30am. a freaking mosquito was screaming in my ear. you know that high pitched meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that mozzies sound out that gives you goosebumps and shiver inside. i HATE mozzies. HATE. HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that made me wake up. actually it happened to me yesterday as well but i didn't get to catch it yesterday.... today i was ready for it the little fucker. i waited for it to come back and buzz near my ear again and then turned and BAM! ur dead. the little shit bit me like 10 times. i've got mozzie bites on my arm and on my back. oh the pain. angry red mozzie bites. yuck!!! lucky i squashed that fucking huge mozzie. squashed mozzie is NOT a good look at 5.30 in the morning. it's gross. and it was bloody. seriously-- i'm not exaggerating (not even a little) when i say that it bit me ten times. it DID!!

this is why summer sucks ass.

-when i open my bedroom window at night, little weird black fly thingies come in through the fly wire and circle around my white bedroom light until they get electrocuted and fall onto my bedsheets. ew.

but i still love summer. tell you why.

-tropical fruit icy poles
-wear thongs all the time

yay! summer! not long to go now.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

nothing like a good quiz to get someone blogging again

1. I love... knowing what the weather is gonna be like the next day
2. Right now I want... to have all uni related matters to go away
3. I feel like... i'm going to explode
4. I hate it when...people don't call me back
5. I fear...losing people i love
6. I'm lonely without... my friends to go shopping with
7. I need... to get a better social life and go shopping some more
8. Today I... went to uni and visited tracy at HJ;s and went to work
9. Tomorrow I'm... going to uni and then the gym
10. I just... want uni to be over RIGHT NOW
11. I want to meet...the hot russian guy again
12. I'm hungry for... a timtam
13. I love it when...people call me just coz
14. I'm afraid of... things that crawl
15. I'm listening to... my mum , dad, uncle and aunty shuffle mahjong blocks
16. I'm wearing... a very big dark blue jumper and grey sweatpants (i love pajamas)
17. I wish I was in...a place where there's no such thing as stress
18. I'm craving... timtams
19. I want to have... some timtams
20. I can..walk
21. I can'
22. I have...BIG DAY OUT tickets
23. I haven' anything to wear
24. I'm to nervous to...find out my end of year uni results
25. My Mom thinks a slacker
26. My Dad thinks I'm...super
27. I sister is a bitch
28. I'm happy when...i shop
29. I'm sad when...i have to do work
30. I like eating...all the time
31. I hate eating...bitter goard
32. I love watching... everything!
33. I love listening to... john mayer
34. I like guitar (i'm shit tho)
35. I hate waking up to...a gloomy day
36. I can see...quite well
37. I'm glad that...there's only one month til holidays
38. I'm disappointed that...westlife postponed their concert til february
39. I look
40. I wish I looked like... (i dunno!!)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

my eyes!!! they burn!!!!!!

eleven words for you (not including these and the ones that i just said and the three at the end)

i saw legal framework guy kiss a blonde girl on monday

OH the TRAGEDY!!!!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

the adventures of tina, betty and kiki... pasar malam night!

let me just start by saying PASAR MALAM WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!! we had SOOOO much fun! at least I did anyway (and i'm pretty sure my compatriots tina and kiki aka vanessa and joanne did too!). Basically my night consisted of eating, laughing, coughing, laughing at coughing after laughing and special highlight-- enjoying mango ICEY ICE (as well as singing the odd ronan keating and train songs). I don't know why tina, kiki and i had so much fun--wait-- actually i do. There was something in that icey ice that made us go just a little crazy. Actually- i take that back. ALOT CRAZY!!!! you shouldve seen us-- we were OFF- and this was like in a "i'm not drunk at all" type of way. I think we acted more drunk than we would have if we were actually drunk.... something to think about.. Anyway, Joanne (kiki) and i left my house at 6pm to get to curtin for pasar malam. We got there at about 6.15pm and we had a look around at all the different stalls. It was all food stalls-- at first we were a bit disappointed bcoz that was all there was- just food! Then- we saw a person with squid on a stick-- then we thought- HEY! i want that squid. So we found the line to the squid bbq and got some squid. I also got some cuttlefish and COMBINATION BALLS! yummy!!! we settled down on the steps to watch some things that were happening on stage. we saw a lion dance performance and also a salsa dance. Joanne- we are so going to learn how to salsa in the holidays (you too tina!) After that, Vanessa called and then me and jo went to find her at stall 15. She was with the one true love of my life (HAHA) eugene! Then we went exploring,, the three of us girls together again for a night of fun, laughter and food glorious food, our three most favourite things besides boys! We walked around looking for some more food and got some solids to eat-- went back to the steps to eat and enjoy more entertaining entertainment. yes that little show off asian lady with the weird necktie was VERY ENTERTAINING!!! anyway, after we had those solids, we went off again to get some ICEY ICE!!! this is the best part of the night-- seriously guys- icey ice is AWESOME. i went to order my icey ice and then as i left, i heard vanessa and joanne crack up laughing-- i was wondering what they were laughing about.. apparently in line, before they went to order their icey ice, vanessa decided to use fake names (she didn't go thru with it but her fake name was tina). where she thought of that idea i have no idea myself but when they told me about it i couldn't stop laughing. that was the beginning of a very very fun night! While we waited for our icey ice's we made names for myself and joanne- vanessa came up with these as well and as of that night i shall be known as betty when we are drunk and need alias' to give to randoms and joanne will forever be known as kiki- until we can find a cornier name for her. After getting icey ice, we went back to the steps to eat our yummo icey ice and watch indian ppl dancing which was quite cool. then jonni came to find vanessa.... and then we went to check out his friend mitch. too bad mitch wasn't hot. after that, we walked around some more and i think that was when the incident happened with the balls hitting-- that was pretty hilarious i must say. i laughed pretty hard. actually- we laughed pretty hard for the whole night. we had so much fun!! we say the curtin idol boys sing songs and we sang along with them! soooo much fun- even though me and vanessa had sore throats and couldn't make out the tune properly we still had a go and sang the best we could. it was really really fun!!! fun, fun, FUN!!!! that was also one of the highlights of my evening. After that, i think kara the prostitute was up next. oops i mean kara the bellydancer. it was EW how she was dancing with that old man-- i mean she was good but it was still ew. after kara we went for another walk and got some more food... i can't be bothered typing anymore but all in all it was a really good night. I dunno where all you CI's went-- noone tried calling me or anything like that so i dunno what happened to you. Anyway, hope you had as much fun as me coz i had a blast! Can't wait for pasar malam 2007!!! ICEY ICE FRIENDS FOREVER REUNION!! woo!!!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

more picnic photos!

the park

pearly me n jussy!

vanessa n me (photo thx to van)

yuann yee n me!

me n gene s2s2 love you gene!!!

love these girls!! soooo much!!

this photo is gold! love it!

group photo

Monday, October 02, 2006

i love!! sean s2 s2

A-Z of Shirley... using the alphabet for yet another survey.

[A is for age:] 18 years and 3 days
[B is for beer of choice:] amstel or pure blonde
[C is for career:] working for one of the big4 accounting groups
[D is for favorite Drink:] water
[E is for essential item you use everyday:] mobile
[F is for favorite song at the moment:] late- ben folds
[G is for favorite games:] tetris
[H is for hometown:] perth
[I is for instruments you play:] piano and flute
[J is for favorite juice?:] orange
[K is for kids?:] three at the most.
[L is for last kiss?:] not telling
[M is for marriage:] in the near future
[N is for full name:] shirley maria lim (that's what i was baptised as)
[O is for overnight hospital stays:] zero
[P is for phobias:] crawly things
[Q is for quote:] shit happens
[R is for biggest regret:] many.
[S is for self confidence]: too much for my own good
[T is for time you wake up:] too early
[U is for color underwear:] black (i actually checked)
[V is for vegetable you love:] pumpkin
[W is for worst habit:] procrastinating and swearing
[X is for x-rays you've had:] teeth
[Y is for yummy food you make:] instant mi goreng (can't go wrong!)
[Z is for zodiac sign :] libra

Sunday, October 01, 2006

oooo it's a picnic!

today i had my picnic to celebrate my 18th bday! we started preparing everything the night before like the ingredients for the springrolls and also wrapping wontons. In the morning of my picnic i felt really really sick- had a fever and felt like i had to vomit seriously. I didn't really prepare any of the food bcoz i went back to sleep again- i felt really bad!! anyway, i think it went alright... what did you guys think? there was definitely more than enuf food that's for sure.. here's some pix of cake cutting time =)

we had wontons, fairy bread, springrolls, sausage rolls, pies, quiche, cookies, muffins, cake plus much much more! thanks to everyone who brought food along and thanks heaps to everyone who rocked up! hope you had a good afternoon and it wasn't too boring! =)