Monday, September 24, 2007


yay reached my target at capitalis- woo free myer voucher! (even though i only got 90% - damn that ben, he's cute but hard to please)

Saturday, September 22, 2007


yay! it's tuition free week! which means my bday is drawing nearer ooooo i'm so excited! Besides having to work mon-wednesday at capitalis, the week off shall be good! i have to go and buy alcohols to make drinks and stuff, i plan on having punch, vodka jelly shots and possibly margaritas which will be yummy! i went and bought the little cups for the vodka jelly shots at the party shop in cannington and they were so EXPENSIVE!!! like $16 for these little tiny cups! gah i felt so ripped off but in the end it will be worth it- vodka jelly shots mmmmyummy

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


what's been going on? i'm procrastinating as usual- finance mid sem tmr and i'm still not doing any work or revision! what happened to that mid year resolution where i said i was gonna study harder? um- i think it's gone. I promised myself that i would try harder but clearly haven't. there hasn't been much happening lately, my birthday is next week- you guys are all better be coming. i don't wanna hear any "i can't be bothered" crap. even if you're going to GK- no excuses, you'll make mine predrinks.

hmm- been going out with dan for 8 months now and yet i still worry and stress about crap that shouldn't even be worrying about- why the hell am i so fucking insecure??? it's caused a shit load of problems and it's just not worth it. can't wait for tuition free week- that'll be awesome.

found myself addicted to karencheng's blog and facebook. myspace i still go on occasionally but don't really comment anymore- sorry guys. i can't spell-- i mean, in year7 i was an awesome speller, now going from primary school to highschool to uni my spelling is so terrible! and i swear too much- but i think i've cut down a bit- i dunno, i can't really tell- only other people can tell me.

i haven't been to the gym for a while. i need to start going more frequently so i can have a bikini body for the summer hehe but again- so LAZY!!! seriously need to motivate myself. hopefully during tuition free i will go everyday, by that i mean monday to friday. sif i'm gonna go to the gym on the weekend HAH.

need to start being a more positive person and not so bitchy and what's that word-- petty? no that's not it. what's the word when you mull over something that shouldn't even be important? i don't think it's petty it's something else but i'm not sure what. anyway i have to stop being that and be more carefree and don't give a rat's ass about things that don't matter.

i want to get a new hairstyle-- i don't know whether i want to dye it or not though because i like the colour of my hair, but i seriously need to get a fringe. my fringe doesn't even exist anymore!

ugh what a downer this post has become. i'll stop and save you from having to read anymore ranting about me. then again this is my blog, makes sense that i talk about myself but that's beside the point. i'm gonna grab some lunch.