Saturday, December 29, 2007

happy christmas!

hope everyone's christmas was happy and fun, stay safe for the new year and have a blast!

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I too have passed 260 like huoy min and am completely ecstatic about scaling. SOOOOO close to failing i tells ya! Finance 215 as well as Accounting 260 both, i got 50% ON THE DOT!!!! OMG! i was so scared to look at my results that i made vanessa check for me because i was so sure i was going to fail! i knew i deserved to fail anyway- after the effort i put in... which was like none. The only thing i can say is that i am so grateful to pass- as i am every semester- thank God! He probably gets me through coz he feels sorry for me or something. I am so relieved that I have passed- don't have to repeat! And i will try harder next semester... i must!

Saturday, December 08, 2007


what do you get when you add $1000 whatever you wanna drink tab, good friends, music, a band, hot boys and hot girls?

the best night you'll ever have in a long time!

Dan's 21st was last night and oh my gosh it was awesome. Hardly saw him most of the night but nevertheless managed to have a pretty damn good time! Was dressed in my skanky prostitute costume consisting of a ribbon choker, corset style semi see-through lingerie top, black shorts, fishnet stockings and patent red peep toe heels (plus a faux fur lined jacket). If I had been standing on a street corner and police rolled by I definitely would have been arrested for certain.

Dan looked pretty spiffy- he doesn't scrub up too bad in a suit but then again, you put any boy into a suit and they're bound to look pretty fantastic.

Here's some pics from the party.

yummy chocolate mudcake

"ho ho's" and drunky shirley

colour co-ordinated cam whoring!

me hacking away at dan's cake on account of he tried to cut a rectangular cake into triangles. err what a loser.

i wanted to add more pics but stupid blogger won't let me! i'll add them in another post.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

oops =O i think i broke the whammy bar....

Mum bought Guitar Hero for our wii yesterday- i guess kindof as an early christmas present. Played all of last night (probably about 4 hours with a half hour break for a shower) jeez i am so sad! The game is addictive. This afternoon i have completed all of easy level so that's about 42 songs i unlocked woot. Yes. Very sad. I don't even like half of the stuff that they have, the songs are all rock songs as the version we have is GUITAR HERO III, Legends of Rock. There's this one song i could keep playing coz it's fun-- "hit me with your best shot" so played that a few times. There's only about 5 songs i actually know out of all of the songs.

Anyway, last night, the whammy bar was working fine- the whammy bar is this metal stick thing at the bottom of the guitar which you move to get more points or whatever. This afternoon when i went to play the whammy bar wasn't working. Somehow between last night and today the whammy bar mysteriously stopped working... How dodgy! I don't actually think it's my fault though- like i said before, it was working perfectly yesterday. Gotta bring it back and probably get it changed or something... And also buy a game where i actually know the songs! I hope they make one with like pop songs like the veronicas or something like that hehehe

wildilocks =)

got some hair extensions put in today at some random emo/goth shop that stef ee recommended in the city called wildilocks next to boffins and joynt venture on hay? street =) the girl who served me was really friendly and she had wool braids in her hair that went down to her knees!!! =O

anyway the extensions that i got are red (made of real human hair-- the idea of if is kinda gross coz it's somebody's dead hair but it looks so cool!!!! i had to get that coz you can't use hot curlers or anything like that with the synthetic extensions) I got 4 put in at a cost of $32. I have two on the right side of my head, one near the bottom and one on the left side of my head, i'm so pleased!

i would put pics up but i can't be bothered. i still have to take pics first! but when i do i'll put some up.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

boyfriend update

Dan's turning 21 on Friday- i'm very excited about his party coz i get to decorate it! I got him a cake with his photo on it- i hope it turns out good! Planning on getting helium balloons and banners and everything! It will look completely awesome. I'll post pics if i remember to take pics while I'm decorating. I got him a wallet and some cufflinks for his birthday present- he better like them! The theme is pimps and hoes so I went to bra's n things and got this awesome corset style top thing- it's not actually a corset thing- its more lacy and stuff. I got a feather wand to go with it, it's awesome. Some other girls are going as naughty santa girls- they're gonna be the "ho ho hos". i thought it was pretty clever. all they need is a guy to dress up as seedy santa and they'll be perfect!

Our relationship is going alright, not too much to report.. I think it's better when we're together as opposed to when we're not together. (duh) When i don't get to see him the relationship is strained in the sense that I hardly hear from him or talk to him. That's the way he is- indifferent. That's why its better when we actually see each other. I don't like it when i don't get to see him..

Making plans for our one year anniversary which is in a couple months- not long to go- i can't believe it's been almost a year already! Time flies by so quickly...
We're going to go on a mini holiday type thing probably in Mandurah near the beach just to relax and spend time together just the two of us. =) When we get back we're gonna go puppy shopping. That's what i'm gonna try make him do anyway- it won't be my puppy, it'll be his puppies but that's okay coz i'm not too keen on picking up puppy shit anyway- i just wanna be there for the cuddles and teaching them how to do tricks and play with them and maybe give them baths and take them for walks... so basically everything except picking up their shit. He's gonna get two boy rottweilers to keep Rebel company and they are going to be called Achilles and Panzor. I have nicknamed them Axe and Pansy. Rebel is the dog he has now, he's getting pretty old, he's about 12 but he acts like a puppy- i love him. I think i spoiled him too much coz i bring him treats and he's always whining when i'm around on account of he knows if he whines i'll give in and give him something to eat or pay him attention.

anyway that's all i can think of to write for now but i'll be writing up about the party for sure/ stay tuned ...