Tuesday, February 19, 2008

update update update

I can't say that this holidays has been the most eventful for me, its been pretty eventful but not the most eventful ever. Besides getting the puppies 3 weeks ago (best thing ever) and going to mandurah for a few days the holiday has been fairly quiet. iIve been working just a little at iga usually on thursday nights and some other days and i also now have a job at the newsagency next to iga where i work on wednesdays and saturdays.

Mandurah was a lot of fun, went with dan for a bit of a holiday and stayed at a bed and breakfast in silver sands which is a bit closer to perth than mandurah (about a 5 minute drive). Had all of our breakfasts cooked for us (yum!) and went out to dinner and lunch everyday for 4 days (expensive!). We were right next to a beach so going down there just meant we had to walk about 30 seconds and we were there, and it wasn't a dodgy beach with jellyfish and stuff. It was a nice beach, we pretty much had it all to ourselves. I got dumped by waves a few times and one time i got dumped really bad while attempting to swim out and standing in the wrong spot. I got dragged along the seabed which really hurt and got sand everywhere! I was screaming and crying like a 6 year old and I think I scared Dan because he thought i had broken something.

Dan bought us boogie boards from Target on the last day because the ocean was pretty wavy, we boogie boarded for a while but after i was dumped i wasn't too keen on going back into the ocean again. I still have my boogie board- it is a Dora the explorer boogie board- i quite like it. I also tanned a bit too so kahsean can't say that i have white legs anymore. haha.

me and my boogie board
The puppies are going well, when we got back they had grown about 3 inches! In 4 days!!! Tank is pretty heavy now, he's a little fatty. Apollo is still fairly skinny on account of Tank eating all the food. At last weigh in they were 4kg and 3.5kg so they probably put on a kilo each i think.

Not particularly looking forward to going back to uni =( I still need to buy my parking permit and also my books- have any of you guys bought books yet? Gotta check if tutes are on this week but i suppose what with being third years now that they are on. Stupid uni. Gah.

Anyway, I will leave you with some photos from Mandurah- hope you guys are having a good summer and enjoy ur last week of freedom!!

me and dan in a heart shaped "frame"

jetty at the marina

Monday, February 11, 2008

apollo and tank =) "our" new puppies

dan still reckons that they are "his" puppies- which i guess they are, but i'm totally adopting them as my babies too!