Friday, July 27, 2007


hey guys- big news! got a graduate position at kpmg- phew- seriously do not know what i would do if i didn't get it. probably crawl up into a big ball and cry for 3 weeks or something. It's a major relief to have the security of a job- it means me n vanessa are pretty much going on exchange next year! it's so exciting! don't worry guys- you'll all get grad positions too- i mean if i can (with my dodgy dodgy DODGY marks, you can too!!)

LOVE YOU ALL, don't forget it. and we must all catch up- dinner or something. i can't believe i didn't see you guys all holidays- thinking about it makes me sad. ugh uni's back next week. THIS SEMESTER I PROMISE I WILL WORK HARD!!! i think i would die if i had to go thru exam period the way i was again. BIG MISTAKE!! so guys, time for a new mid year resolution, study hard then friends and partying. i hope it works!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

yeah... i kinda forgot to blog. oops!

i said i'd blog about lancelin-- clearly lied. sorry guys. i've just become so lazy lately. about everything really! i swear i've put on soooo much weight. i need to lose it all before my bday. anyways i've just been working at kpmg. early starts. i mean early. seriously early. way too early. it's been okay i guess- i'm working at the water corporation in leederville. oh and results are out -- I PASSED ACCOUNTING FUCK YEAH!! who'dve thunk it! anywho, i can't think of what to write about so i'll stop now. hope y'all are having a good holiday!