Sunday, October 07, 2007

Brush with the supernatural

Was at a friend's house doing accounting homework last night with Vanessa and we had just finished dinner so we were cleaning up our mess. Whilst in the kitchen/dining area, I was looking at some drawers while Vanessa was loading up the dishwasher and as I was looking at a particular set of drawers, (second from the right) the top drawer opened...... BY ITSELF!!!! There was nobody there and it wasn't open already from what I recall but it happened so fast yet slowly and the drawer slid open. WHAT THE HELL!!!!! HAUNTED HOUSE! POLTERGEIST!!! That was really freaky and me and Vanessa got really scared. As we were jumping up and down and screeching in fright from the mysterious sliding drawer, a plastic bag flew over our heads which made us screech even more as it looked like a ghost. That was probably the result of a plastic bag just catching a breeze and falling down but still- after seeing that drawer open by itself it was spooky! Don't need to tell you I won't be going there at night again that's for sure no sirree.