Wednesday, April 16, 2008

procrastinating yet again

two days til auditing mid semester exam and haven't started studying yet. I've printed out my lecture slides, got my books ready to go in the lounge room and i'm sitting here typing this post in an effort not to get started studying. Why is it that I'm always so successful in being able to distract myself and procrastinate to a point where I am literally BARELY passing my subjects and yet still do not feel a desire to hit the books and get good grades. such is life when you are lazy like i am!

anyway thought i would blog as i haven't in about a month. This is what has been going on in my life.

1. Jason Carr's 21st
At the Royal Perth Golf Club, left quite early but was a fun time. The theme was sports. I wore a dockers guernsey and shorts. Usually you wouldn't be able to get into the club wearing the sort of stuff people were wearing, its quite a posh fancy place. The catering was alright but their sushi was really not that good. I think it had been sitting in the fridge for ages and the rice was all hard and cold ugh. Other than that it was really good, the DJ played some good songs (but also some bad ones) but we had fun dancing and jumping around.

2. Rebel died ='(
That was a really really sad day, I cried so much. He had been looking sick for a few days so we decided to take him to the vet and that's where he stayed =( We had to put him down because all of his organs were failing and he was really toxic. It was so sad because Daniel has had Rebel since he was 9 and he's grown up with him. He was the best dog ever, he was 12 when he died.

3. PuPi Management

Tank and Apollo have started puppy school. They run around and socialise with all these other puppies its really cute. There's two big dogs, a labrador and a dalmation and they always chase this little terrier dog called Roxy. The dalmation has run into me a few times and let me tell you that's not very fun. It actually hurts! He's quite big. I dunno if i'm looking forward to when Apollo and Tank get that big because they will most likely knock me over as well! I haven't uploaded recent pics of Apollo and Tank onto my computer yet but photos will be coming soon. They are so big now! I can't carry them both at the same time anymore, they weigh at least ten kilos each. I still love it when they come up for cuddles though, that's always nice. So far they have really only learnt to sit but even then they only do it when you have food.

4. First Home Footy game of the season and Michelle's 21st (in one night!)
Nothing much to report here, no photos from either even unfortunately but the dockers lost to Hawthorn and it was frustrating. The score was 97- 112.

5. Western Derby and my (half) brother's 38th birthday.
Fremantle won so that was good. Michael is SO OLD!! We went to an indian restaurant to celebrate- it was yummy.

6. Taxation test, Matt's 21st
Ew. I hope i passed this 30% exam =( i better have or else i will seriously cry.
Matty had a mexican themed 21st and I got drunk in the first five minutes. So bad. Photos on fb if you want to see.

That's pretty much all that's happened. Got dates planned for my Europe trip next year which is exciting! Going to go on the 3rd of January til the end of January I think. Also Dan has asked me to go to Brazil with him which i am absolutely ecstatic about but I don't know if i can go yet because its during exam period second semester and stupid unit controllers dont let you sit exams early unless its like an extreme circumstance... say for example you are an elite athlete competing in a national sport. Maybe i'll just tell them i am attending a wedding. Hmm