Thursday, May 31, 2007

good week.

well if you read my "depressive blog" a last week, you wouldve noticed me and dan weren't in a really good way that time. well, i wasn't happy with dan anyway. it's been one of the better weeks this week i think. I've definitely spent more time with dan this week than any other week i think. I saw him on saturday night when he had a bit of a get together, stayed til late so it kinda followed thru to sunday. Even though i didn't see him sunday arvo or anything i talked to him for a bit and we made plans to have dinner during the middle of the week so that was good. Then I didn't see him on monday but we msgd each other. Tuesday i saw him in the morning and he made me breakfast (i had a four hour break so i went to see him) then i also saw him in the afternoon and we basically spent the rest of the day together after my gay ass acct class. I went to his lecture with him in the city then we got something to eat afterwards. I also saw him last night for the dinner we had planned, we went to nicholsons (i got fisherman's catch, it was alright- next time i'm having the ribs though hehe) then he came back to my place and we just hung out and watched tv and played a car racing game on the wii. I didn't see him today but I'm seeing him tomorrow, he's gonna come over after uni i think which should be good. Then hopefully i see him on the weekend as well if we're not too busy studying. so yeah =) i saw him lots this week so i'm pretty happy, i feel like we're actually a couple haha

Thursday, May 24, 2007

here i go again.

What is your birthstone? i think it's sapphire

Have you shopped on Ebay? nope

Do you do your Christmas shopping early or last minute? usually early.

What's the last song you listened to? i think it was some evermore on the radio

What's something a lot of people don't know about you? i have a half brother

Have you ever seen a dead body? yes.

Have you ever been diagnosed with a mental illness? nope.

Would you ever tell the person you have a crush on that you like them? yeah, haha depends on the situation though.

Are you happy with the person you are becoming? i'm okay with it

Felt like crap lately? yeah but i'm alright now =)

What's your favorite cereal? coco pops or frosties. the sugar loaded ones

Do you watch Grey's Anatomy? yes but i've only just started watching it the past few weeks

Do you like tuna? sometimes when i'm in my "tuna phase" i don't like it when i don't feel like it

When was the last time you put on lotion? umm i can't rmb. is that bad??

What color is your bedding? i've got multicoloured sheets with a red quilt thingy

Do you like taking pictures of yourself? haha i do enjoy the odd cam whoring night. maybe not so much taking pictures of myself but i wouldn't complain if i had to do it

What's your mom's mom's name? teresa guek khim lim. (before she married her surname was tan)

Do you get good grades? HAH! i wish

Do you like school supplies? stationary? yeah, i like.

Do you like soup? yes i do. i love pumpkin soup.

Who is the last person you high-fived? i'm not usually a high fiver but the last person i can rmb high-fiving was dan when we laughing about some joke we made. i can't rmb what the joke was about though.

Whose your favorite actor or actress? i love a good elijah wood. and orlando bloom. also daniel radcliffe, only coz he's harry in harry potter though.

What song bring back your worst memories? hmm, can't think of one in particular.

Have you ever drank milk straight out of the carton? i don't like milk.

What was the last movie you went to in theatres? 28 weeks later. i was freaked out but it was good.

How many times have you been engaged? twice. haha nah never!

How fast can you type? quite fast.

Have you ever seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail? i don't think i have.

How many close friends do you have? a few.

Have you ever swam in the ocean? i've gone into the ocean, not so much swim though.

Do you like little kids? they kinda annoy me. i don't usually get along with them

What are you gonna do when you get older? settle, get married, you know the deal.

What's your favorite Disney movie? all disneys are pretty good but i love "the little mermaid"

Can you dance? haha i'd like to think i can dance but i only have one move really..

Do you eat cold pizza in the morning? i have done before but i don't do it like on a daily basis if that's what you're asking.

What's on your key chain? car key, IGA key, yummy yoshi. on my other set of keys i have an orlando keyring, window keys, garage keys, zest membership key thingy

What makes you uncomfortable? strange ppl. fobs and the security guard at IGA.

Can you write a paper the night before it is due and still get an A? probably not. i'm not that skilled.

How many text messages are in your Inbox? 219

Do you like hotdogs? yes.

Do you wear sweats a lot? when i go to the gym. and also in winter around the house

How do you vent your anger? euegu eiuhfnnei;svefuna;imsmiuvdfhlsm haha thats on msn. and also shouting and swearing. and hitting ppl. yeah. i shouldn't hit ppl so much though coz that's bad..

Do you swoon over Johnny Depp? hmm not so much. i think he's alright though

Have you ever had surgery? yes.

Do you enjoy the wilderness? it's alright. except for the bugs and crawly things

What was the last thing you ate? chicken, avocado and parmesan sandwich which i made go me

Do you love anyone? my family and my friends.

Are you high maintenance? i don't think so.

Do you have pretty eyes? they're okay

What kind of milk do you drink? i don't drink milk. i like mocha that's alright but that doesn't really count coz it's chocolate-coffee

What's on your refrigerator? some magnets. and lots of paper stuff

Would you consider yourself boy crazy? haha yes. very much so

What is one thing scientists should invent? food that tastes gooood but has no fat. i dunno!

If you could change anything about yourself, what would you change? probably to be a nicer person and not so aggressive.

Do you jump if something is about to land on your toes? jump and step back perhaps?

How important is your appearance? hmm, so so. its good to look nice. but then again, most of the time i don't really care.

What does your name mean? in english, no idea, but in chinese it means pretty snow. i think.

Did you ever have to share a bedroom? i think when i was little i shared with my sis but i have my own room now.

What temperature do you enjoy the most? around 20-22 is good, with a little sun and a little bit of breeze.

Do mosquitoes think you’re tasty? unfortunately yes.

Most money you’ve ever spent on a pair of jeans? 70 bucks i think.

Ever borrowed someone’s underwear? no

Would you date a single mom/dad? i don't think so.

Are you looking for someone to marry, or just a good time? atm, a good time. later it'll be to marry

Do you like poetry? it's okay if it's not too lame

Who would you trade places with for a day? i dunno hey. that's hard to decide.

What is your favorite kind of soup when you’re sick? chicken soup.

Ever been to a professional pre-season game or a training camp? i was gonna go to the NAB cup but i didn't

Do you want to make new friends? yeah, meeting new ppl is good. but just not scary fobs

Who is your soul mate? not sure. haven't found him

Weirdest thing you’ve ever done with your hair? had a bowl cut when i was like 9

When was the last time you played in the mud? i don't think i ever played in the mud.

Do you frequent the library? sometimes

What’s the biggest Christmas tree you’ve ever had? like 1m, we haven't put it up for a while though =(

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

killer hairdryer!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG MY HAIRDRYER TRIED TO KILL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one minute i'm blowdrying my hair, the next, THE HAIRDRYER IS ON FIRE!!!!!!!!! okay okay, maybe it didn't catch fire but i'll tell you what happened...

I came out of the shower, and towel dried my hair, then i went to plug in the hairdryer. All was fine for the first few minutes as i was drying my hair, no disasters, no immediate dangers could be foreseen then ALL OF A SUDDEN, my hairdryer stopped working. and then there was this burning smell. I was thinking, what the hell, what happened to my hairdryer. Then I looked inside the hairdryer like where the air blows out, AND IT WAS FLAMING. okay maybe not flaming. You know like on the inside of a toaster? How the toaster gets red from the heat when you go to toast bread? Well, the inside of my hairdryer was like that. I was blowing on it to try and put it out and shit, lucky i didn't turn on the tap and put it out with water coz it was still plugged into the outlet. If i had done that I wouldve been electrocuted i think. And that wouldn't be pretty.

So, that was my near death experience. Hope you all enjoyed it.

note: the hairdryer pictured is not my actual hairdryer. If you have this model hairdryer you need not fret, it should not explode on you like my hairdryer did to me. If it does, be like me- unplug your hairdryer, take it outside and leave it there.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

WARNING: depressive blog below

ARGHHHHHHHH why are guys such stupid dickheads. seriously. is it a crime for me to want my boyfriend to see me? no right? instead, he's going to the gym. when was the last time i got to spend time with him "just us" at a place that's not his house? i can't remember. really- i can't. i like the guy don't get me wrong it's just when i don't get to see him or when he doesn't talk to me it's frustrating. and when i say "get to see him" i don't even mind it being like a couple times a week, so long as i get to see him. gah i dunno i'm just venting. it's like 4 months next week. that's 2 months away from 6 months. and the problem is not that i'm sick of him, it's i can't get enough of him but i'm thinking it's the other way for him. or maybe he's just a lazy bastard who doesn't know what having a girlfriend is supposed to mean. it's just so frustrating because i let myself like him like how much i like him now. which is quite a bit.. i mean, if i liked him less this wouldn't be a problem but i don't and it is. it's exactly how vanessa said it, "any relationship is under the power of the one who cares the least" and i hate how that's the complete truth. meh- i'm just gonna leave it a couple days and see if he asks me out. no doubt he probably won't.

in other news, i got 16/39 for my accouting test. yippee life is going SPLENDIDLY for me can't you tell? no, it's not actually- i was being sarcastic. thanks for listening guys. i'm having a SHIT day.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


so there's this girl in my accounting tutorial. she calls herself "kiko" but her real name is really truong ying ying. and yes- she is a "FOB" as we all like to class them. if you don't know what a fob is, it's another term for ppl who don't come from here, usually asian ppl who can't speak proper english, are really good at math and stare at you.

now, me being the eternally nice person (hah yeah right) talk to her in conversation and just agree with whatever she's trying to tell me on the day. i am beginning to regret this decision talking to her (btw she talked to me first so ur not mistaken. she prominently sat down next to me in accounting class and started talking to me) because she REALLY gets into my personal space. it's really really scary. the other day i was sitting down minding my own business before class started and then she came up behind my chair, put her arm round my shoulder, looked down at me and said "hi" in her fob voice. SHE PUT HER ARM AROUND MY SHOULDER. PEOPLE!!!!! SHE PUT. HER. ARM. AROUND. MY. SHOULDER!!!!!!!!!!!!

let me tell you i felt REALLY uncomfortable like seriously uncomfortable. and then... she sat down all smiles, and was like watching me texting somebody- and then she asked for my number. i totally wanted to give her a fake one but then i just ended up giving her my real number. i wonder what she's gonna do with it- i haven't got any messages or calls yet (thank goodness) but yeah, she asked for my number. cmon she wears SCRUNCHIES. not there's anything wrong with wearing scrunchies, she just does wear them.

yeah and also the other day i avoided looking at her but vanessa was with me and she said that she was full staring at me as i walked past her. tell me guys, am i being paranoid for being freaked out or in this situation would you be feeling the same as me? i think my reaction is completely normal. maybe i'm a bit racist to fobs. i'm not proud to admit that, it's not a very good character trait coz i'm sure she's a nice girl.. just TOO nice. she's always like, touching my arm when she talks to me. so not right- i'm sorry but it's NOT okay okay?