Tuesday, November 28, 2006

back to private!

i seriously am fucking sick of anonymous comments on my blog. seriously- if they are gonna read my blog then say it's boring then don't fucking read my blog at all g fuckers! what the hell man. why even bother leaving a comment if you think it's boring? that's why i am back to PRIVATE! sorry guys- i know you don't like to take up those precious 4 seconds to type in ur details but too bad! ur doing it. and if you guys ask me to just change my comments settings i'm not gonna do that bcoz that would just let them read my blog anyway and i don't want them to read my blog coz the person is a real shit! i mean- who DOES that? i wanna know who the hell it is so i can .... i dunno. just do something! i'm so MAD!!

moving on, fuck i'm so lazy! was supposed to go to the gym this morning but i DIDN"T. so now i'm online typing up this gay shit. hmmm maybe i will visit the library and get some books. i have to clean my room. dammit i don't wanna go to work tonighttttttttttttt arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

wow i swear alot hey. i'm gonna try not to swear for the whole month of december and see how that goes. and by swearing i mean incorporating the words "fuck" "shit" "bitch" etc etc. i think i use fuck the most. that's bad. so i'm gonna try stop swearing. which leads me to think-- what are you guys gonna do for new year's resolution? i always try making one but by the end of the week (if i'm lucky) i always break mine. i think i'll make mine for next year "try not to swear" or sumthing or "lose 10 kilos" hahahahhahaha. the first one is probably more achievable lol.

what's ur new year's resolution gonna be?

Sunday, November 26, 2006

fremantle festival parade

today went to walk in the fremantle festival parade. it was hot at times but most of the time it was bearable. was number 4 in the parade line which was pretty cool coz we got to finish really quickly! it went by so fast! me, yl, hm n ks looked so sexy in our blue CMFWA shirts! hahaha

ks + me + hm + yl
huoymin reckons they look like the physiotherapy shirts at curtin. i guess they kinda do. but we still look HAWT hahahahahaha (ks shut up about my legs already!)

Friday, November 17, 2006

super huge gigantic long massive post

hey guys- i know i haven't posted in like ages so this is a gigantic super huge long post for you to "enjoy" ha!

my family went to dinner at the roman palace italian restaurant. it was so funny to watch my grandpa eat italian food!

today was my dad's bday. huoymin came over to practice marketing speech (ewwww) and my dad had icecream cake yummy! my mum and dad left to go to the airport for a trip overseas.

marketing speech today

supposed to go metro's freo tonight but didn't end up going. GAY!!

today was kahsean's bday dinner! was lots of fun bcoz there was singstar and guitar hero. watched the arias--- arghhhh john mayer! i LOVE!!!!

uni all day- last time to see legal framework guy! soooo hot!

halloween! no trick or treaters came to my door though...

kahsean's and sam's real bday. awards ceremony for KPMG placement. got a bit tipsy on chardonnay. not a good idea before you go get ur award. oops. saw cameron from woodside petroleum, mike from ernst&young and also glen hutchings the sleaze!

went to uni in the morning for last management tute then went to the gym for body pump class. that made me hurt all over! it was good though. got 70% for management project yay!

tonight went to cas and ruby room and saw airbag. i like the ruby room! this guy i was dancing with goes to me "where are you from" and i went "australia" and he was like all surprised coz he said he thought i was from japan. what! i don't look japanese!!!

vincent hng's party tonight. nothing much happened. i know i said i would blog more about it but there isn't anything to tell really. it was kinda boring-ish and plus i cbb telling anything

i think today i didn't do anything

also did nothing today

went to work all day....


belinda emmett died. =( so sad for rove. my big ass pine tree got chopped down and now my house looks naked! went to a bird park in joondalup and got lots of cool photos with birds.

study, sick. i hate to study



sayyees party.


Sunday, November 05, 2006


this is a poem i wrote in honour of the drink bacardi 151

b151 tastes like shit
gets you drunk really quick
can make you look like an asshole
coz it's 75.5% alcohol

if you take it straight up
in a sterafoam cup
you will probably spill it
all over yourself like me

chase it with a breezer
equals becoming a teaser
you flirt like mad
with all the cads

if you wanna have a good time
next time try
a b151
swear you'll be gone

Saturday, November 04, 2006

ppl don't care what you do when you're drunk so do whatever the damn hell you please!!!

just a quick post. (there will be a longer blog of this night after exams are over)

last night was HNG's 18th party gathering thing and at first i wasn't planning to go but vanessa called me to go so i went. when we rocked up at about 8ish after dashing around looking for a bottle shop to buy vincent a present (we ended up getting him canadian club) we went to his place with danny (coz danny was driving) and there was like 5 ppl there. *crickets chirping*

the potato salad was nice.

then more ppl rocked up. there were only 5 girls, me, van, steph, sharon and azlia. and then afterwards 3 other girls rocked up. alot of guys there too.

i drank 1.5 watermelon bacardi breezer and 1 lime bacardi breezer, half a beer and a shot of bacardi 151. fuck you guys- can you IMAGINE how off my face i was?? my head felt heavy and i just wanted to go to sleep and i think i said some things that might have been a bit embarrassing. hello- this is me- the girl who can't even drink cheap chardonnay without getting tipsy. lucky i didn't yak- no hangover too! but apparently i smelt like alcohol and then i had to go airport and pick up my mum. oops. i didn't drive tho mind you- my dad did. drink driving is BAD don't ever do it!

that's it for now. the party wasn't actually that bad except i probably made a big ditz and drunk person staggering around sitting on ppl's laps out of myself. oh well- like i said in the title- ppl don't care what you do when you're drunk so do whatever the damn hell you want to. woo go me! hahahahhaha