Saturday, December 30, 2006

it's been a while i know

yeah it's been ages since i last blogged hasn't it? let me just start with saying MERRY CHRISTMAS! hope you guys all had a good one and got lots of xmas pressies! i got money coz i'm "old" now and i don't get presents anymore. so sad! but i did get an awesome set of paul frank pjs from joanne! thanks jo i love them!

hmm what have i been up to lately? well as usual friday night is RUBY ROOM night surprise surprise! this time i went with joanne and her dad and we met up with sean and his other friends there. AIRBAG played a really good set that night and i got the lead singer's sweat on my foot. ew but at the same time.... pretty cool. hahahaha. they played all good songs including my new favourite unknown title song which consists in the chorus the line "and i never wanna see ur face again, go away, get fucked, fuck off!" awww man i love that song! actually i just love the ruby room full stop!! that night i was drinking and i started off with a vodka and OJ, followed later in the evening with a smirnoff. you know what happens when i get drunk? i get FRIENDLY! haha. yup- hooked up with two guys that night which was fun. first guy was very very cute and tall too just the way i like em. second one really short. but he was a better kisser than the first guy. so yeah. he was still short tho.

saturday night was hannah's belated bday party. that was really fun. we played a drinking game called circle of death but because i wasn't drinking i just watched everyone else get drunk around me. we met this guy sam who was really funny and got him really drunk. apparently later in the night he vomited but i missed it. damn. but that's probably a good thing coz i'm a sympathy vomiter and i would vomit if i saw him vomit. which would have been really gross. we also met other friends of hannah's girls and guys. it was funny seeing all the drunk ppl dance. all in all it was a pretty good party. we went to northbridge afterwards with hannah, rachel, tom, jason, baker and tim (plus me n joanne) and we headed to the deen which was fun. you know on the other side there's a live band??? hannah saw adam hunter (guy who plays for the eagles) and hooked up with him. and i hooked up with tom (who's 6'6" omg i'm in love) and also baker but later that night baker moved onto joanne and now they're probably gonna go out. damn. and me and baker have a mutual love for jack's mannequin (the band) and also freo footy club. seriously we were made for each other. on the other hand tom plays volleyball and goes for the eagles. (which is what joanne does) but like they say- opposites attract. i reckon baker is like the male version of me. no wonder joanne loves him. he's such a gorgeous sweetie tho. aww i love him! i hope tom calls me. else i'll be cut. omg i have to tell you guys tom looks SOOOOO MUCH like hot russian guy it's not funny! they are both tall, short brown hair etc etc. and tom was wearing this suit jacket thing and i was like OMG HOT RUSSIAN GUY. yeah he looks like the hot russian guy- he goes to UWA and does commerce- economics. yeah i know economics ew. but he was so sweet. drunk but sweet. it's a plus that he's so tall. i love tall guys.

well that's all for now! hope u had fun reading about my adventures- there probably won't be any for a while because i'm grounded. great huh? no going out for me for a while which sucks ass. but no doubt i'll be out in a couple weeks time for sure! hahahaha hope to see you guys sooooooonnn!!!! missing you all!

Saturday, December 16, 2006


no not detox from alcohol- as you guys are all well aware, i didn't go out this week coz i was detoxing from going out. hahaha. mannn you guys it's been so boring! but it's good coz next week i can go out and come home REALLLY late. or REALLLLLY early 4am- 5am. but you guys always come home at that time so yeah. next week guyyssssssssss soooooooooo have to go out! i wanted to go out wednesday night but you guys got that xmas dinner, turns out i have to work anyway. bleh. this will be the first time i work 5 days in a row. it's so shit man i'll go crazy! i worked today 7.30-5.30, and then i work every day til wednesday. hey where are you guys anyway? probably metros. ugh. detox. NEXT WEEK i'm coming out so include me in all plans please coz i'm COMING!!! woo!

oh yeah- tell you what i did last week. i didn't realise i hadn't blogged for AGES! as usual i went to RUBY ROOM last week. this time with kahsean and sean. we met up with joanne there and ks had her little adventure! it was fun!!!! i love the ruby room. plus we got in for free coz ks' housemate's gf had her bday there so cool! thanks ks' housemate

saturday night went metropolis fremantle. also went into the newport which was alright. but we only stayed for five minutes so shirley and van could drink. then headed to metros. line was SO LONG. but we didn't have to wait too long. moved pretty quickly. metros freo wasn't as good as i expected it to be. it's quite big but i think it's still smaller than metrocity. at first they played really shit music but after a while it was okay. no hot guys to dance with whatsoever. that was quite sad.

that was my weekend last week. this weekend there's nothing really to blog about coz i didn't go out. except yesterday i went to the museum with joanne. that was fun! we saw a dinosaur and also an american bison which is REALLY big. kinda reminded me of a giant wombat. we should all go and have a cultural/educational experience at the museum if you haven't been yet. it's SO cool! oh yeah i also went to that $5 book sale. managed to spend $25 even though there was like nothing there. hmm

i think that day i spent about $100 but i don't even know what i spent it on! oh and also there's supre in the city now! how convenient! it was packed though coz it was just launched the other day. seeing supre in the city wasn't too much of a surprise for me though coz me and huoymin already knew one was opening in the city. right huoymin? well i bought $15 black short shorts. next time i'll probably buy more but i'm just so glad we don't have to travel to bloody osbourne park or wherever those other supre's are. it's cool. it's right opposite where city beach is- you can't miss it. it's the store with the security guards are standing outside. i think the guy who checked my bag was gay. he was still cool though.

Friday, December 01, 2006

my friday night

let us begin with what i was doing.... actually i can't rmb what i was doing/ oh wait it's coming back to me! i was at the computer eating huoymin's most favourite forbidden food mi goreng and i got a msg from the very cute sean asking me if i wanted to go to the ruby room with him and his friend kate. at the time it was 10 past 9 and i felt bored so i agreed to go. he told me he would pick me up at 9.30pm. omg. that was like twenty minutes!!!! i had to eat and get ready in twenty minutes and i had JUST started eating my migoreng! so i had to scarf that down real quickly then decide what to wear and then get my bag ready etc etc. i wore what i wore last week when i went to the ruby room ( i go to ruby room heaps hey! i'm addicted!!!) which was my black jeans and this cute green top that i scored at city beach for half the price woo! i decided to wear flats bcoz i just couldn't be bothered with the inevitable sore feet that i knew i would get if i had worn heels. luckily glass didn't cut thru the soles of my shoes else my feet would've been cut..

anyway kate and sean got to my house at quarter to nine-- made me rush for nothing! then we headed off to burswood. we got there at about ten past ten and then quickly found a parking spot (yay!) unlike last week when we had to drive around for twenty minutes looking for a place to park. kate wore this really pretty dress with a black sash and heels thus making me feel underdressed in my jeans and flats. oh well! we arrived and walked up the stairs to the ruby room and the line was pretty massive so i went to claim another burswood booklet from joining club burswood a couple weeks ago. then we went to line up and the line actually went pretty quickly. it wasn't as bad as i imagined it to be when you line up in a massive line if you know what i mean.

got the stamp but had to pay $8 to get in coz we were too late for free entry. that was the first time ever i had to pay to get into a club (not including asia cocktail because we got two free drinks for that which i thought was pretty good) and they actually stamped me properly this time and you can see the whole stamp and it says "airbag". but you already knew that.

we went into the club and then moved straight to the bar- kate wanted to get something to drink so i thought i might as well get something to drink too bcoz i wasn't driving so i bought my first ever drink from a bar (again not incl. asia cocktail coz we had pre-paid for drinks so we didn't technically have to use money) and i got a smirnoff. my face was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO red after that one drink. it was completely burning up - you could literally fry an egg on my face.

then we went onto the dancefloor to dance- we hadn't missed airbag's first set yet so that was lucky. airbag came on and then agnes msgd me coz she was at the ruby room too and she came and danced with me, kate n sean while airbag was playing. they played the same stuff AGAIN. panic! at the disco etc. i still like that song tho. it's the only one that i actually know the words to.

after airbag played agnes went off and us three just danced a little more then kate went to get another drink from the bar so we followed. got some water so my throat wouldn't be dry after the smirnoff. then we came back to the dancefloor and danced some more. it was either that or me passing out on sean and falling asleep. i SERIOUSLY cannot take alcohol. i am like off my face after one drink.

went to the bathroom coz needed to go after all those drinks then when kate n i got back airbag was playing again yay! but it was kinda shit. played some songs that i knew of but i didn't know the words to. so i was there- pretending i knew the song and just head banging looking like a tool. OH WELL!! after airbag played again we stayed and danced coz we were like in the middle of the dancefloor and that's a good place to dance. so we were dancing and then agnes msgd me asking if she could come home with us and i was like okay then. man she tried to rape sean i tell you. he was telling me on the way back in the car that she kept trying to kiss him which i thought was absolutely hilarious bcoz it just is. agnes is funny! hehe

then the normal music came back on and then this guy come up to us and started dancing with me which was completely fine coz he looked like blair mcdonough from big brother and neighbours. rmb him? yeah so i ended up hooking up with him the rest of the night and he bought me a drink. yes! i completed another one of my tasks which was to hook up with a complete random and get a stranger to buy me a drink. but then afterwards i found out that we were kindof connected bcoz sean saw his friend from uni and her boyfriend is friends with the guy who is friends with the guy who i hooked up with. damn this is a small world! at least i know he wasn't lying when he told me he was 20. he thinks my name is becky and i'm from brisbane.

omg. i nearly kissed sean last night in the car. which was bad. well it wouldve been good but in the long run it wouldve been bad. so luckily i didn't. i was so trashed. and that's after like two drinks. yup i'm a cadbury.

and that was my friday night!