Friday, March 14, 2008

update- puppies and going ons

Apollo and Tank are going to be 12 weeks old next week. Sometimes I get jealous that their lives are so carefree and fun- all they do is play, eat, sleep and go toilet! They've grown so much since we first got them, they have doubled in size! Still adorably cute though. Apollo's eyes have darkened but they are still quite light whereas Tank's eyes are dark brown. I'm glad that they still have their tails because its so cute to see them wagging when they are excited. Rebel's stumpy tail wags too but it's not the same as seeing a tail wag. (Rottweilers used to have their tails chopped off but now it's not allowed to do that)

They are going in for their second vaccination on Thursday and then hopefully it will be time for puppy school. It's important they have some obedience because once they get bigger they'll be able to knock people down and hurt them.

Apollo. He's the nice one who poses for pictures and lets you cuddle him and falls asleep in your lap =) Note his tail has a little tuft of fur on the end- so cute! It's like a little pompom lol

Tank. His ears are so floppy and he gets very excited when there's food around. If I have my hair down and I sit down to play with them he will try to grab my hair.

It's hard to tell them apart now that Apollo has grown bigger, I find myself picking up a puppy and calling it the wrong name alot these days. They kindof know their names though because when I call for one of them it will usually come if it's a good day haha.

Beach bash was on the other night- so crap I had to drive there but I did have a few drinks. The grape slushie was yummy! Even better because there was alcohol in it and you couldn't even taste the alcohol! I've been to beach bash twice now, I think I'll miss it when I leave uni because it's a pretty fun event. Met this guy Graham and danced with him for a while (you all know Dan doesn't like to do that stuff) and he tried to kiss me! Guess i shouldve told him I have a boyfriend oops. Rob ended up telling him afterwards and then he thought I was leading him on- excuse me! We had a fun time though.

Some guy stole a box of vouchers and threw them everywhere like confetti- it was great! I mustve nabbed $50 worth, bought lots more drinks and George's kebabs mmm! I only ended up spending $20 of my own money yay! Dan being a good boyfriend bought me some also after I annoyed him for a while. Really he should just buy them without having me ask him.

Check out the two guys in the background wearing bikini tops and hula skirts!
Anyway, check out more photos on facebook from beach bash if you want, cbb putting anymore up.
Also went out to dinner to catch up with my tuition group friends ;) they know who they are. The only one that reads this is Vanessa anyway haha. Went to an Indian restaurant in Vic Park- Cinnamon on the Park. SO yummy! But ordered one dish too many I think.
This weekend I have a taxation assessment so I better get to studying! Enjoy!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

uni sucks and i want a new phone.

Need i say more about uni sucking? One week back and it seems like we never left. The bad thing is that we did leave, and now we're back, it means another semester of buying books (mine were over $400 for 3 units), doing assessments and taking 20 minutes to find parking in the parking lot. Not alot has changed around campus, still the same old main cafe, same old lecture halls, same old library. What do they do with our money honestly? I don't know where its gone!

All i keep telling myself is "one more year". One more year and we'll be done (most of us) and then there will be some travelling (yay europe!) and then onto fulltime work and whatever else there is out there in life. Turning 20 this year will be a milestone i reckon. Just because we won't have that "teen" status anymore. It's kindof sad. It might be the start of real responsibility. That's what I envisage it to be anyway. Ah well. I guess we gotta grow up sometime.

I've been eye-ing the new samsung F700. It's like a sidekick slash iphone except completely more awesome. It's sleek design, cool touch screen and qwerty keyboard did it for me. Hey i just realised when you go to type qwerty it's the first six letters on the top row of the keyboard haha. I can't wait til it's released in stores here in australia, at present you can only buy it online and I have this feeling that it's a bit risky to transfer $800 of your money into someone's bank account and trust them to give you the goods. I'd rather go into a store and buy it-- I CAN'T WAIT!!! Lately my phone hasn't been sliding up as easily, i think there's some sand stuck in it or something. Time to upgrade- to the samsung f700!