Thursday, August 30, 2007

ecoms pics

here you lazy bums. links to my ecoms pics. enjoy! (yeah and thanks alot for not coming to the dinner CI's. except for ulai- she had a legitimate reason unlike KAHSEAN AND HUOYMIN grrrrrrrrrrr)

hey i just realised this song i like is by hilary duff. had no idea it was her!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

ECOMS 2007

what a night! my head soooo crap at the end of the taxi ride home back to the hotel and i almost chucked up in the elevator but lucky i didn't coz when i eventually did yak it was red from all the pulses and cruisers i drank. mannn felt like shit but you know after you vomit everything feels so much better!

the hotel was great, i forgot to take pics of the swimming pool and stuff but i got some of the room. the swimming pool was really nice. (weif works at the hyatt i didn't know that! she made me capuccino in the morning thanks wei phuong! oh shit- i think i might have called her pui thang when i left.... ask her coz i can't rmb i was still trashed)

gahhhh i 'm so not in the mood for blogging my head still feels crapola- my feet are half bruised from ppl stepping on me and stuff on the dancefloor so i'll just blog later maybe haha/ see the photos on facebook.