Tuesday, January 29, 2008



can't hardly wait for FRIDAY NIGHT BENDER!! (and other news)

friday night bender is this friday night i'm so excited! i've organised this thing wih a whole group of people going first to zapatas mexican restaurant in fremantle then metros freo. if you want to come you are most welcome- in fact i want you to come! i wouldve invited you on facebook but some people like huoymin either still don't have the net or haven't checked it.

australia day was interesting- went to some pool parties which were quite fun. the first pool party was held by one of dan's friends and the second was sean's pool party. at sean's pool party basically it was awesome music and skankadancing in the pool it was so much fun! the first was mostly just chilling out and relaxing. i got really really drunk though and ended up passing out in weir's bed for about 3 hours- it felt like ten minutes but i woke up and it was 8 at night! wth

yesterday i helped dan build a puppy pen for the puppies that he's getting. the pen is pretty good, it's got wooden beams and everything- the chicken wire we used is pretty sturdy (it cost us $80 for ten metres! it better be sturdy) so rebel shouldn't be able to get in and eat the pups. now we're just looking at papers and stuff for rottweiler puppies. last week they had an advert for them but this week they were all gone already =( so sad!! i can't wait anymore! hopefully there's some soon!

also went to a 21st bday party of somebody i don't really know- also another one of dan's friends, i made friends with the girlfriend and her sister- they were really nice and funny. also made friends with this indian guy akshat and now he's going to be my new indian best buddy!

that's all i can think for for now, i will post photos later!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

gym junkie?

this week i've been proud of myself as i went to the gym consistently! started last weekend on saturday when dan got me that pass to his gym so i've been accompanying him to his gym this past week.

started off last weekend doing weights circuits, monday night i made dan do boxercise class with me (so tiring!) wednesday night went and did aqua aerobics hehe-- i've always wanted to do that! surprisingly that was pretty tiring too! and tonight i'll be going to pump class. woo gym!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

what a weekend! (i can't believe i didn't take any photos!!!!)

Tonight i went out with sean, plans were to have a big night doing something but it wasn't decided what we were actually going to do. There was much indecisiveness going on, not on my part but on sean's side. We were going to meet up with kate and and her friend kendall first at northbridge for clubbing then somebody's house for singstar then we finally decided it was going to be metro's in freo. Sean picked me up and we got there at about 9.30pm and nobody was there so we headed to the newport to get a drink and catch up a bit before we had to meet the others. After newies and a skyy blue lemon and lime (which tasted like shit) later, we headed off to metros to meet kate and kendall. When we got in, the place was really quiet, only a few people were there standing around drinking. There was a platform set up in the middle of the dance floor and we decided that we were going to dance on it later after a few drinks. Fun times were had by all dancing and making new dance moves, we got up on the platform a couple times and had some photos taken of us by a photographer on two seperate occasions, once on the platform and once when we were sitting down-- we mustve looked hot. Ended the night with 24hour maccas, mmm midnight cheeseburger and large fries.

Saturday was spent sleeping in and then spending the rest of the day with Dan. I went to have a workout session with him at his gym coz he hooked me up with a 7 day pass. We went around and he showed me what he does at the gym which is a lot of weights circuits. It was pretty fun, he made me work out though. I think I surprised him by actually being able to do the stuff he did but I was only doing at half the weight he was doing it. I learnt some new stuff so hopefully I'll be able to remember how to do it on my own at my gym. After the gym we went to Carousel to get our one year anniversary presents (how exciting!). Dan already had an idea of what he wanted to get me, a ring, so we went to all the jewellers in caro to find one that I liked. Settled on a nice simple ring that we got from zamels, its got ten little square diamonds (they're real! =D) across the front of the band and its supposed to be made of 18carat gold but i think the lady in the store either lied or had the wrong ticket on the ring because its got a code on it for 9carat gold. That kindof pissed me off because i didn't realise until later. Still have to check the receipt though... Dan's got it. I bought Dan a ring from there as well, it's one of those rings with the black face and an eagle on it.
After we went shopping and the gym I went to home to get ready for the second part of the day. We went to the Windsor Hotel with Berry and Chloe for some double dating action dinner and drinks. I had the lamb loin with sweet potato mash and parsnip wedges with minted pea sauce and jus- dunno how i remember that, probably because it tasted SO GOOD!!!!!!. For dessert we had coffee creme brulee (yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm) and sticky date pudding (yummmmmmmm) and it was really yummy- even better because it was free as it took ages to come out.

The UWA Ultimate Frisbee Club had organised a lawn bowls day so I went to that with Dan. I know one of the people in the club because he's one of hannah's boyfriend's friends. It was a really nice day, not overly hot, but still hot enough to get sunburnt! I have a handprint burnt onto my back coz i didn't apply sunscreen on properly, idiot me. There were cheap drinks because there's always a bar at bowls clubs- $11 jugs woo! And we learnt how to play bowls by some masters of the game haha, Pikey, one of the funniest nicest guys there is, his dad plays lawn bowls so Pikey knew how to play and taught us how to do it. I was teamed up with Dan and together we won our match against Weir and Julie. All of us were playing for the first time and it was alot of fun, some good shots were played and I'd like to say that I'm actually not bad at lawn bowls in my opinion lol.
Also before we went to lawn bowls I gave Cedric a much needed wash so he looks clean and shiny now =)