Friday, January 02, 2009

weeee i'm leaving! (again)

yay for london and europe in 2 sleeps away! i'm a bit scared but i think its going to be a great time- i can't wait! it doesn't feel like we only just got back from hong kong a month ago at all- it seems almost a REALLY distant memory away which is quite sad. i wish we could be on holiday all the time! with unlimited stashes of spending money and 5-star hotels of course!

gotta tell you about what happened at the high road hotel tonight coz i'm a bit pissed off about it. i wasn't allowed in! the stupid fat bouncer lady checked my ID, student ID AND my bankcards, asked me my address, date of birth and postcode and STILL wouldn't let me in because apparently i have a very definite 'mole' on my drivers licence which isn't on my face!!!!!!! what the hell! i was so mad! what a waste of my time-- what other forms of ID does she NEED? my birth certificate and passport and my mum to come down and tell her that i;ve been the legal age for TWO YEARS? omg! it was crazy! not going back there anytime soon except maybe to complain about how i was treated appallingly by the door staff. hmpf.

anyway, that's me, back from my absence of blogging. woot first blog entry of the year!

hope y'all had a merry merry (belated) christmas and a happy new year and you didn't get as wasted as me, yak on your friends' staircase (oops) and were tucked up in your host's bed by 10pm! i can tell, its gonna be a great year!

love you all

Sunday, November 23, 2008

courtesy of vanessa.

Hi, my name is: Shirley

but you can call me: Shirley. and NEVER EVER shirl unless you want me to hurt you

Never in my life have I: been overseas without my parents. But not for long! woot HK!

The one person who can drive me nuts is: not one particular person as I have an ability to find a side in everybody that is annoying. haha jokes. Probably Daniel drives me nuts the most because he just does. Same as Vanessa's reasoning. He annoys me the most because I love him heaps. My mum is up there on the list too. She's really annoying.

My high school was: lynwood senior high school.

When I’m nervous: I tend to talk louder and giggle about things that aren't even funny. Also I have this fake laugh that emerges when I'm nervous but I'm working on it.

The last song I listened to was: something by MGMT

If I were to get married right now it would be to: hahahhaha definitely NOT the person you all think-- I'll take this answer from Van- I dunno who i would marry!

My hair: is going to be dyed brown and cut to just below shoulder length if I don't chicken out from doing it

When I was 4: I was never like my 4yo godson Jason

Last Christmas: I really can't remember what I did

I should be: packing

When I look down I see: my hands on the keyboard

The happiest recent moment was: when I went away to Mandurah with Daniel and I got a strike on my first bowl when we went bowling. That was fun

If I were a character on ‘Friends’: i would Phoebe. blonde and ditzy- that's me in a nutshell haha

I have a hard time understanding: why I'm really good at procrastinating when there are a million important things to do and I still can't bring myself to do them even though I know they are more important than doing a survey

There are these girls: that will be fun to shop with when we are away

If I won an award, the first person I would tell would be: my mother.

I want to buy: a new house and the division one lottery ticket for a $40million jackpot

Where do you plan to go during Chinese New Year: maybe Penang?? Most likely I'll be stuck here though

If you spent the night at my house: you would have to bring something to entertain yourself. And don't forget pillows and bedding as there are no spare rooms and you would have to sleep on the floor

The world could do better without: mosquitos. What use are they? I also agree with Van's cane toads- where did they come from and yes, they are really really ugly.

Most recent thing I’ve bought myself: pecan pie and a skinny latte at coffee last night. yummy!

Most recent thing someone else bought me: a holiday away from it all

My middle name is: not on my birth certificate! I was baptised with the middle name Maria

In the morning I: was disrupted by the pest control guy banging around the house

Last night I: had coffee with R&C and then went and had a gossip sesh at C's house

There’s this guy I know: who went to the Billy Joel concert without me even though I asked him
to go with me in like July and he said he didn't want to go.

If I was an animal I’d be a: cat.

A better name for me would be: __________ you tell me. I can't think of any other name that would suit me but I don't think Shirley suits me either. I like the name Becky though... ahhh fun times hehe

Tomorrow I am: going to pack

Tonight I am: going out to dinner at the Oyster Bar. Yummy!

My birthday is: on the 29th of September.

Monday, November 17, 2008

ONE MORE WEEK!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe its actually happening!! I'm SO excited!!!

One more week and then we are jetsetting off to HONG KONG!!!! My mum's been threatening to book a flight out and hang out with me.. why can't she just let me be independent for once argh. I don't think she'll actually do it though (thank goodness).

I've decided not to skimp on food anymore.. I forgot that HK is the mecca for awesome dimsum wooooooo can't wait! I will be eating at the maccas there at some point though because I remember when I was a kid and I went over there the maccas was good haha. Although as a child you would probably think any form of mickey d's is good.

Also I was looking at some old holiday pictures and turns out I've already been to Ocean Park. At that stage they were only building the rollercoaster though- I've got photos of the construction of the rails and stuff. Will be exciting to go back and see how its changed. I got splashed by a killer whale last time which was fun, can't wait to see all the dolphins and sea lions!

Can't wait to shop, shop and SHOP! I just plain can't wait! But I'm a bit scared as well- you hear so many stories about people getting mugged and stuff. Hopefully if we all stick together we can keep each other safe.. Anyway, we should discuss what time we're all getting to the airport and such, whether we are meeting beforehand etc.

Ugh, now I just have to get this exam out of the way for tonight. I forgot about that. Too busy procrastinating and blogging. Oh yeah and I'm going to Mandurah tomorrow for a few days too. Yay! Wish the weather forecast was a little bit better though. Apparently its going to be raining from Thursday onwards to Monday. LAME!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Eating at macca's while in HK

I've resigned to the fact that I really cannot afford to spend more than $1000AUD while we are in HK. BUT- i really don't think i'll need more than that. Will I? I don't really need to buy anything while i'm over there except food and maybe some souvenirs... I'll prob get some business stuff made up while I'm over there but my HK confidante reckons that I can get outfits for around $40AUD each- I HOPE SO! That would mean I could get 10 and i'd still have $600AUD left over! The exchange rate seems to be rising. I managed to get some cash for around $1=$5HKD which seems to be the norm around the city. Today the rate is $5.10- i know its only 10c but its a huge difference. I didn't know that Commonwealth had foreign exchange though so I missed out on around $40 =(
I haven't changed all my money yet but i'm hoping that I really don't spend more than what I've budgeted (i'm going to try really hard!!!) I still need around $3000-$4000 for Europe =(( I'm going to be in debt when I get back to Perth.

Are we going to need ringgit in Brunei?

Saturday, November 01, 2008

mmm pizza: review, Little Caesar's Pizzeria, Mundaring

Last month we made the trek up to Mundaring for some yummy pizzas that we had heard about in Mundaring. Daniel's been there before but it was my first time at Little Caesar's Pizzeria. We went with a friend who was back in town for the week to sample some of the goodness up there. We were pretty starving by the time we got there, its quite a drive there, but the pizza was definitely worth the trip!

I had a CBGB, small size ($13), to myself as Dan and friend decided to share a family sized pizza between them. The unique thing about this place is their unusual combinations of flavours and textures. The CBGB has brazil nuts, chicken marinated in seeded mustard, butternut pumpkin (deliciously roasted!), onion, pizza sauce, capsicum and your standard mozzarella cheese. This was definitely one of the lesser "weird" combinations, next time I might try the chicken fettucine pizza which actually has pasta on top of the pizza- talk about a carbohydrate overload!

It looks quite big in this picture- and its worth the $13. Come hungry I say- you'll want to polish off every bite!

This photo does not do the beauty of this pizza justice. Can you not tell that I absolutely adore food?

Close up of the delicious roasted pumpkin. (I've bold and italic'd the delicious to emphasise how awesome it was)

The brazil nuts were wonderfully nutty and brought a different texture to the pizza you would not ordinarily expect. It was pure genius! Such a funny ingredient to add to a pizza but it made the difference between ordinary good and extraordinarily good. I would make the trip back to this place for this pizza alone.

Daniel and friend ordered the 'Gourmet BBQ' pizza- a clear winner for the meat loving boys that they are. They struggled to finish the family size pizza ($21) (they did it though), even though both of them are pretty big eaters. Both agreed that this was one of the best pizzas they have had. The Gourmet BBQ consists of roasted chicken, marinated lamb, pepper steak, smoked ham, smoky BBQ sauce, onions and mozzarella cheese. I didn't have any but it did look mighty tasty.

MASSIVE PIZZA. It could feed a small country. Haha just kidding. Two hungry boys finished it off and still had a tiny bit of room left over for dessert. (friend inset looks pretty damn happy/amazed)

You can just see the wisps of smoke coming up from the piping hot pizza..
After we had finished our yummy savoury pizzas, it was time for dessert. You can't go to Little Caesars without having a dessert pizza- why make the trek up there if you don't even try what they are famous for? We chose the Eskimo Joe ($10.50) to share between us. By this time we were all pretty much bursting at the seams so we didn't finish the pizza- we had half left over at the end. It was definitely a sweet ending to our dinner, and it was very yummy!

Malt choc chip cookie base, icing sugar, vanilla icecream and raspberry fruit sauce heaven!
Come closer dessert pizza, I think I could lick the computer screen right about now.
The only fault was that we waited for around 45 minutes for our dessert pizza, I think the girl who took my order screwed up the table numbers or something because there was a bit of confusion in the kitchen as to where the pizza was going and I could see that it had been left on top of the oven for around 20 minutes before I piped up and said something. There was no apology for the wait or confusion so that would be the only thing I could say was bad about the place. The place was run by teenage girls it seemed on the night we were there. Other than not getting an apology for waiting a good 3/4 of an hour for the dessert it was a nice night out. The place is small and does not take bookings so I suggest you get there relatively early. I will definitely go back again.

Monday, October 06, 2008

dan didn't propose

but he did buy me that ring, isn't it pretty? nothing much has been going on, just had my bday during tuition free and other than that life is pretty normal (read: boring). i need to start saving money up for hong kong and europe trips.. i think i am going to be in debt to mummy dearest =(
here's a photo montage of stuff thats been going in my life since we last spoke.

Monday, September 22, 2008


should i say yes?